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The Sneakpeep platform is designed to help connect creators and fans on the web like never before. We pride ourselves on offering the lowest fees in the industry, giving our creators more control and freedom over their content! Create a free account and start earning today!

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100% judgment free. We cater to all content creators and we guarantee no surprise account closings or changes in allowed content! See below on how to get started.


Register and link your socials. Upload your content and set a subscription price or sell individually to non subscribers. Make sure that you offer value as you can always change the price later.


Promoting on social media is where you start to earn. Share and interact to drive followers to your page. Our alogorithm recognizes these actions and helps by internally promoting your content to accounts with silmiar interests to drive new fans to your page.


When fans pay to see your content, you keep 90% of your earnings. No hidden fees, it is that simple!


Why Sneakpeep?

With Sneakpeep you keep 90% of your earnings, with no hidden fees or extras. This translates to massive extra earnings compared to competing platforms. Use our built in Creator Earnings Calculator below to see your estimated earnings!

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Calculate how much you can earn based on the number of followers and their rate

You could earn an estimated USD per month*

* Based on an estimate of 5% of your followers who subscribe (Does not include payment processor fees)

* Includes the 10% platform fee

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